Manfred Rother

Chief Editor / Photography / Advertising Sales
With 57 years he is the "old-timer" in the team, an enthusiastic and professed Turkey lover for more than 20 years. In the past he once learned the profession of a typesetter and was still working with lead letters... - who still remembers? Later he has worked in the "graphic industry" for more than 30 years, is at home in the field of magazine production. At KLEO his is the journo and advertising pro. For 10 years he has been already living in Alanya, has definitely turned his back on Germany!

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Martina Rehling-Vormweg

General Manager / Accounting / Advertising Sales
Martina (54) as well has been living in Alanya for 10 years, is in a life partnership with Manfred. For more than 20 years she has worked in the hospital business, namely as a senior consultant's secretary on her own authority. Management, accounting and organization are part of her daily work. Furthermore, she is strong in the advertising acquisition and customer service. Furthermore, she gives help and support for foreigners living in Turkey in terms of private health insurance, offering the services of a reliable German insurer.

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Janina Dajczak

Graphic Layout / Editor / Advertising Sales
Our youngest (31) and particularly diligent "Ninchen-Bienchen": After studying ‘media management’ she has worked for a movie production company in Germany, but decided for her great love Alanya, moved to Turkey in 2006 and let her enthusiasm for the country flow into her work . Beside her editorial work and advertising sales, she is responsible for the graphic layout of the magazine same as the design of all advertisements which she is creating passionately.

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